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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dam-Funk (Stones Throw), U-Tern & Niña Mendoza (LIVE in Vancouver!)

Dam-Funk is one of my favorites. As a DJ/Musician/Person he has been killing it lately, and people are starting to take notice. The thing I admire most about this guy is not his music production or amazing record collection, but his refreshing attitude towards the music he loves and his dedication to exposing and sharing funk/boogie music with the world. It is rare that a record enthusiast/producer of his level is as humble and willing to share as he is. Dam regularly gets on the mic while playing a set to tell you exactly what records he is playing (artist/label/year), you won't see him covering up his rare records or leaving his Serato screen blank so others won't know what he's playing. He also has a five part album (Epic!) titled TOEACHIZOWN to be released soon (Part 1 is out now). This guy is the real thing.

Random Long Weekend 
September 6th @ The Modern (7 Alexander St, Vancouver B.C.)


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